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The Standard Kit contains:•23 enzymes•Arrayed in a 24-well plate•1 screen per kit•6 µM of P450 per wellWhen you purchase 5 or more kits, a 5% discount is applied

Codex® Standard MicroCyp® Screening Kit

  • The Codex® Standard MicroCyp® Screening Kit contains 23 of our standard enzymes that are capable of producing mammalian-type metabolites and new compounds for lead diversification. Our MCYP™ enzymes are known to have up to 100-fold increased productivity when compared to Human CYP activity and hence, can be more cost effective when scaling reactions to produce gram quantities of your desired compound. Found a hit? 100 grams of each kit enzyme is available from stock for rapid delivery to our customers for scale-up work.

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